Generator Maintenance

Emergency power diesel generators are no longer a grouch purchase nor a nice to have. Organization today who requires maximum production up time in order to maintain operational efficiencies has to invest in infrastructure to ensure they meet their operational business goals. This is even more pertinent due to the inability of Eskom to secure electricity supply to consumers.

The recent implementation of load shedding schedules and the short term operational supply crisis has forced business to invest in emergency power generation infrastructure. So you have installed and commissioned a emergency generator infrastructure being it years or a couple of months ago, keeping this infrastructure in tip-top shape is now more important than ever because system failure could have not only an impact on business operations but will raise the question of the investment decisions been made, and the inability to realize the value of such an investment.

Regular maintenance of diesel generators has become more important than ever, keeping a full tank of diesel is not the only concern to ensure maximum operational efficiencies. Due to the fact that diesel generators are now running more than ever regular maintenance and the performance of regular, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual maintenance tasks.

AFRIGRID embarked on developing a highly effective and detailed diesel generator maintenance plan, testing and monitoring services that will ensure that the generating capacity of your emergency power plant is well maintained and looked after, we ensure our clients piece of mind in keeping their business running whilst Eskom can't.

Contact us for a comprehensive diesel generator maintenance plan all managed under a single Service Level Agreement.