Gas Geyser Solutions

Tank less water supply

Our gas geyser solution provides a continuous flow of hot water. Water is heated only when required, saving gas and money. Our units are externally mounted for additional safety and space saving opportunities.

Digital control

Digital controllers let you control the temperatures of your hot water with precision, set your required water temperature and only change the temperature as and when required

Water heating process

A traditional hot water tank continually heat and reheats its water whether or not the water is in use. Once the heated water in the tank is emptied, via a shower or example new cold water come into the tank which must be heated consistent with the remaining water, expending a great deal of energy and time. When a water source is opened Rinnai senses the demand for hot water flow and starts the heating process. The water flows through the heat exchanger and is heated to the desired temp, which has been pre-selected and set by the factory or user.

Product Range


  geyser geyser 2
Suitable for Apartments or 2+ bath homes 2+ bath homes, restaurants, sport clubs, large volumes
Type Domestic Commercial
Hot Water Capacity 2.5-24lt/min 2.5-30lt/min
Efficiency 89.7% 89.7%
Height 590mm 590mm
Width 384mm 384mm
Depth 181mm 181mm
Weight 20kg 20kg
Water Pressure kpa 20 min / 1000 max 20 min / 1000 max
Min Water Flow 2.5lt/min 2.5lt/min
Gas Type LPG / NG LPG / NG
Controllers Yes Yes
Location External External