Industrial Truck Management Solution

Afrigrid is an authorized reseller and distributor of I.D. Systemsí state of the art industrial truck management solution. I.D. Systems is a leading global provider of wireless M2M solutions for securing, tracking and managing high-value enterprise assets, including industrial vehicles such as forklifts, airport ground support and handling equipment, transportation assets including trailers and containers and even rental car fleets.

I.D. Systems' portfolio of patented products utilize Cellular, Satellite and RFID technologies to control, track, monitor and analyze fleets of vehicles, their cargo, and the people who operate them. I.D. Systems' patented vehicle management systems (VMS) boosts fleet and operator productivity, establishes total visibility of vehicles and cargo, improves safety and security, and reduces maintenance and other operating costs ñ which all drive to a significant return on investment.

Our solution offering covers:

Power Fleet (Vehicle Management System)

- PowerFleet is a patented wireless Vehicle Management System (VMS) for industrial vehicles, such as forklifts and tow tractors. It is a best-practice, modular solution for improving fleet safety, reducing material handling costs, and increasing supply chain productivity. PowerFleet is so intelligent, flexible, and effective, the only question is: "what vehicle activities you want to manage, and precisely how you would like to manage them?"

Power Fleet

- PowerFleet is ideal for medium to large fleets, enterprise operations, and solving even the most complex vehicle-related issues. PowerFleet reliably extracts the fleet information you want and exercises the vehicle and operator controls you need, even if your fleet has a mix of vehicle types, makes, and ages.

- Now Available with PowerFleetÆ ñ I.D. Systems Analytics

Analytics provides a single, integrated, "bird's eye" view of industial vehicle and operator activity across multiple facilities, generating site-to-site comparisons, enterprise benchmarks, and best practices vs. peer industry by facility type, vehicle type, region, and more. Learn More

VeriWise (Transportation Asset Management Solution)

VeriWise Transportation Asset Management
Trailer Tracking, Intermodal Container Tracking and Reefer solutions that increase utilization,improve cargo security, and improve fleet efficiencies

- The industry leading VeriWiseô family of solutions from Asset Intelligenceô deliver the critical business intelligence needed to effectively manage remote transportation assets in todayís complex supply chain.

- VeriWise leverages the latest wireless communications and web technologies to offer intelligent exception-based asset management solutions. Patented sensor technology is offered to monitor and manage the condition and location of trailers, containers, chassis, flatbeds and reefers.


- This solution has a broad base offering:

- Cold Chain - maintain and protect the temperature and condition of your cargo

- Dry Van - cellular and satellite based solutions for trailer tracking and fleet productivity

- Intermodal - low cost, long life, cellular devise for trailer and container location, theft countermeasures and analytics


AvRamp (Airport ramp vehicle management solution)

Manage Your Airport Operations, Ground Support and Cargo Handling Vehicles

AV Ramp

Balancing rising fuel costs, increased security costs, and the cost of maintenance for ground service equipment is a daily challenge for airlines. Moving catering, fuel and baggage to aircraft in an efficient and timely manner not only results in more on-time departures, but can provide significant savings in equipment and operating costs. Now more than ever, tracking and managing Ground Support Equipment and operators that service aircraft is critical in meeting flight schedules and reducing delays, improving traveler's experiences, and demonstrating higher standards of airport ramp safety and security.

Security is of the utmost concern and airlines and airports are seeking solutions to help secure the ramp. Vehicle runway incursions and aircraft damage from GSE can significantly impact operations and cause costs to skyrocket. Potential terrorist attacks on parked aircraft represent an ongoing concern and need for a solution, and specific vehicles like fuel trucks, are a particular area of attention.

For owner/operators of GSE, AvRamp with WiFree Communications can drive a significant return on investment (ROI) in less than 12 months.

For airport authorities, AvRamp creates the extra layer of security required by Aviation Security and leading Airport Access Control standards.

Productivity - Optimize distribution of your inventory.

Safety & Security - Increase safety and security in your DC.

Maintenance - Increase up time of your fleet and reduce costs.


RentalFleet (Vehicle Management Systems)

The RentalFleet Vehicle Management System (VMS) is a patented wireless solution built specifically to automate car rental and return processes. It provides real-time visibility of car inventory, on-lot location tracking, flexible query tools to instantly display car/group/fleet status, automatic capture of accurate real-time fuel level and mileage, and unique controls for lot process optimization.

The RentalFleet™ Vehicle Management System benefits vehicle rental companies by:

- increasing fuel revenues and reducing fuel costs by tracking and collecting more precise fuel and mileage data

- optimizing car return/processing speed for improved rental yield and customer service

- improving visibility of open slots on the ready line ó and directing resources to close those slots more rapidly ó to maximize car availability and rental revenue

- automating the vehicle checkout and return processes through electronic rental contracts


The RentalFleet™ system has many unique advantages for managing and maximizing the value of rental car fleets, including:

- Proven ability to handle wireless communications for hundreds of cars simultaneously without interference

- Proven ability to work in any model or make of car

- Ability to work in any rental site configuration (city lot, indoors, outdoors, shared, etc.) including the ability to adapt functionality automatically on a site-by-site basis

- Future-proof ability to download new functionality wirelessly

Rental Fleet

The RentalFleet system can easily be applied to government and corporate fleets as well as commercial rental fleets making vehcile management and tracking a snap.