Solar street light solution

LED Solar Streetlight

Solar Streetlight is Solar LED lighting system to light the streets in all remote areas.

It's a standalone solution, which doesn't need grid connection. Thanks to its intelligent lighting management, it stores energy when the sun is up, and provide light the night.

What is it for?

Solar Streetlight provide the streets in all remote areas with light. Plug & play, stand-alone solution, and robust, it is a sustainable lighting for all.

How does it work?

The proper functioning of the solar streetlight is:

- At nightfall, the solar panel stops producing electricity. The software can deduce that this is the night;

- For 4 to 5 hours, the LED light engine lights on at full power;

- Then the light output decreases gradually, depending on the quantity of stored energy inside the battery;

- The smart management system records the length of the previous nights, to anticipate how many hours it will have to light on during the current night.

- At daybreak, the solar panel starts to produce energy that informs the software to turn off the LED light engine.

solar street lights