Thermal Imaging

Temperature changes can indicate problems in many areas. Thermal imaging is a service for the maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems in industry and commerce. To help with the prevention of equipment damage, premature system failure, grid outage causing lost in revenue and operational downtime.

Thermal images are an easy way to identify apparent temperature differences in industrial single- and three-phase electrical circuits, compared to their normal operating conditions. By inspecting the thermal gradients of all the phases side-by-side, technicians can quickly spot performance anomalies on individual legs due to unbalance or overloading.

The primary use of thermography is locating electrical and mechanical anomalies. Despite a popular perception to the contrary, a deviceís temperatureóeven its relative temperatureómay not always be the best indicator of how close it is to failure. Many other factors should be considered, including changes in ambient temperatures and mechanical or electrical loads, visual indications, the criticality of components, histories of similar components, indications from other tests, etc. What all of this indicates is that thermography serves best as part of a comprehensive condition monitoring and predictive maintenance program.

Thermal Imaging Thermal Images