Transformer Testing and Maintenance

Transformer maintenance has seen a move toward reliability and condition based maintenance schedules. To assist and support transformer owners and manufacturers AFRIGRID provides transformer testing and maintenance services using the latest test and diagnostic equipment to ensure our clients' assets' health is kept in check. 
Monitoring and maintaining of transformer oil quality is essential in ensuring the reliable operation of electrical equipment. One of the fundamental tests of oil quality is the breakdown of voltage test, which is a  measure of the oil's ability to withstand electric stress.  

SFRA test techniques for transformers is based on comparisons between measured curves which allows variations to be detected. SFRA tests reveals whether the mechanical or electrical integrity of the transformer has been compromised. FDS transformer test establish the moisture content in the transformer, and reveals the dielectric properties of the insulation over a range of frequencies.

The following additional transformer tests are available in order to provide information about the presense, location and type of faults:
• Sweep Frequency Response Analyses (SFRA)
• Frequency Domain Spectroscopy (FDS)

Transformer Testing