UPS Solutions

AFRIGRID is an approved Select APC by Schneider Partner. APC Smart UPS solutions covers a broad spectrum of solutions from Home/Home Office, Small Business and Large Corporations, covering solution offerings such as:

- Network Rooms, Network Closets and Server Rooms
- UPS solutions
- Cooling
- Prefabricated Data Center Modules
- Power Distribution Racks and Accessories
- Surge Protection
- StruxureWarefor Data Centre

UPS Solutions

Apart from the on selling state of the art products AFRIGRID also provides tailor made UPS services solutions aimed at protecting your investment, increase your operational efficiencies and reduce the risk of service interruptions.

Contact us for our service offering and allow us to formulate a services solution that meets your operational demands at a cost that meets your expectations.



UPS Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance Services

AGRIGRID is a certified APS Schneider Select Partner, which means that we are an authorized reseller of APC single- and three-phase APC UPS solutions. AFRIGRID however do not believe in being a box dropper, we provide a holistic end-to-end services and have developed in conjunction with APC Schneider a comprehensive installation, commissioning and maintenance services model to fit your specific needs.

No electricity provider in the world can guarantee an electrical supply that is free from voltage and frequency variations. The possibility of faults occurring in usersí installations or in the public distribution system remains undeniable and unpredictable. Since information technology (IT) installations are particularly sensitive to power supply fluctuations and distortions, they typically rely on an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to compensate. Some installations even include a second UPS supplied by a separate feeder, and a standby generator that can be set to start automatically three minutes after detecting a power interruption. If the risk from weather or other local occurrences is great enough, some facilities will manually switch over to backup generation, ahead of time.

To help your contingency supply systems function as designed, perform the following tests during installation and then periodically (monthly or quarterly, depending on contractual agreements) after the system is commissioned. Tests during installation phase are divided into two stages:

1. Pre-installation - test before connecting the critical loads.

2. Combined - connect critical loads and test while cutting standby generator in and out.

Our installation and commissioning 10 point services plan includes:

1. UPS functional and alarms tests

2. UPS specification test

3. UPS burn-in test

4. UPS step load and bypass loss transient tests

5. UPS start and stop test

6. UPS full load battery discharge test

7. UPS loss and return of mains test

8. UPS loss and return of battery test

9. UPS load transfer test

10. UPS transfer to bypass and back test



Our Maintenance services is conducted on a periodic (monthly) basis throughout the life of the contingency supply system. Follow the combined test procedure for everything except the standby generatoróit only needs to be tested once a year.